Sunday, November 15, 2009

Time to get caught up with the Old Capitol City Roller Girls. We had a fantastically productive four-hour practice Sunday with the Minnesota RollerGirls coming all the way down to coach us privately. While it was a very humbling practice, we added quite a few new drills to our arsenal and we'll be a more formidable team for it.

The roster for the OCCRG versus Paper Valley Flyin' Squirrels bout has been announced and it looks like: Animal Mother, Left 4 Deadwards, Hellyna Bucket, GladI8Her, Killer Baker, Furious George, Triple D. Zaster, Ophelia Fracture, Hitzy Blonde, Recyclopath, VTrain, Anakova, Bat R Up and Toxic Sugar. I'm pretty excited about the line-up myself and road-tripping with some of my favorite gals.

I've continued to make some improvements on a personal front. I'm getting better at parrying blocks while jamming And on a side note I am learning to not take criticism from the coach so personally.

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