Friday, December 11, 2009

Well. I can hardly believe a whole month has passed since I last posted, but things have been kind of hectic on my end and in my life, and sometimes it feels like derby is the only thing that keeps me together.

Anyway, the Old Capitol City Roller Girls went to Appleton, Wisconsin last Saturday to play Paper Valley’s B-team, the Flying Squirrels. We lost, but didn’t take it too badly as there were a lot of things playing out of our favor. One OCCRG told me point blank the team we were playing was not the same one she had played in early summer (i.e. there were mostly A-team girls skating), and the referees made some extremely questionable and often simply incorrect calls, like sending jammer GladI8Her to the penalty box several times for back-blocking or pulling on her own teammates (even though it is only an offense if it happens to a skater on the opposing team). There was also a lot of track-cutting that was not called and myself and at least three other OCCRGs took elbows and shoulders to the face. But I guess it was still good playing experience and also a solid example of how things are not always going to go your way at a bout and there is nothing you can do about it – and that is something I simply will have to accept. Although, I will add that the Paper Valley girls were very nice and welcoming.

But we’re not done with the season yet. OCCRG has accepted another bout invitation from the Muddy River Nightmares (formerly the Big Mouth Mickies? I’m not really sure anymore) of Clinton, Iowa and will travel to face them on Saturday, January 30th.

Some of the team, myself included, will also be skating in the January 9th expo called the 4 Rollers of the Apocalypse. Essentially the Quad City Rollers are holding a ‘mixer’ of four motley teams of skaters from OCCRG, Stateline Roller Derby Divas (Beloit, Wisconsin), Rockford Rage Roller Derby (Rockford, Illinois), Muddy River Nightmares (Clinton, Iowa), The Chicago Outfit (Chicago, Illinois) and the Mad Rollin’ Dolls (Madison, Wisconsin). Kind of a tournament-style event. It will be held at the River Center in Davenport at 6 PM. Hopefully we don’t get snowed out.

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