Tuesday, August 4, 2009

On the go-go

Tynamite and Fast Betty practice blocking.

Where does the time go?

It seemed it was June just a short while ago.

Perhaps it is the unseasonably cool temperatures and intermittent cloudbursts that has me fooled.

But what does August mean for the Old Capitol City Roller Girls? After a busy June followed by a quiet July, August could end up a bustling month. While our first home bout has been postponed to October, it's seemingly in the cards that OCCRG will be making several other appearances this month.

We will be meeting fans and serving jello shots at Ugly's Saloon in Iowa City during the week of the 16th-22nd. We'll have an exact date posted later this week, but it looks like it will be Thursday or Friday evening. It should be a lot of fun; this is a super opportunity for fans to meet, ask questions and just mingle with their local roller girls. And who doesn't love a jello shot?

An exact time and location for the planned exhibition in Cosgrove on Sunday, August 30th is yet to be pinned down yet but it appears our own Toxic Sugar is spearheading this event, which should be an exciting preview of our home bout in two months' time.

NightMere has been in negotiations with the Iowa City Rugby Football Club/Magic Bus crew to make appearances and sell mugs --$20 mugs that will get you in free for the day, and for half-price at all the other games-- at several if not all of their games. Of course, OCCRG will also have their own merchandise (team tee shirts, our famous sex kitten tank tops, stickers, buttons and the like) available for purchase. The first game is against UNI on September 5th.

And finally, it sounds like a few of our girls will be playing for the Quad City Rollers when they face off on against the Mid Iowa Rollers in Des Moines on the 22nd. It appears our amicable rivals have lost a few girls on their roster to injury and asked if any of the OCCRGs would be interested in filling a few spots. Naturally, several of us were happy to volunteer as Sugar N' Splice and coach Banshee of the Quad City Rollers were gracious enough to skate with and coach us for our bout with Cedar Rapids back in June. Those on the team expressing interest were Toxic Sugar, Tynamite, GladI8Her, Fonda Cuffs and myself. I'm not sure if I'll be selected as I lack the experience, aplomb and all-around savviness of the other ladies who volunteered (though I think I somewhat compensate with youthful vigor and enthusiasm). It sure would be a neat opportunity to get some more mileage under my belt and add to a budding résumé.

Keep checking back for more updates!

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