Saturday, August 22, 2009

OCCRG sold out

... of jello shots!

I'm elated to announce that the Old Capitol City Roller Girls' appearance at Ugly's Saloon was an overwhelming success. From 8 PM to the wee hours of the morning Ugly's was packed with patrons, fans, roller girls and 700 jello shots. Yes, you read right: 700.

And we sold out of them! With our bottom-barrel prices, bustiers and boundless charm we were able to sell every single cherry and orange jello shot. (Rumor was the orange shots were, um, a bit more potent.)

The team had a mixed turnout of the younger generation and a good deal of, shall we say, knavishly lecherous older gentlemen. The place was packed and there was hardly room to skate from one side of the bar to the other on the thin carpet. A good thing; but tricky nonetheless.

I am proud to say that although there were some close shaves, I did not fall during my entire three-and-a-half tenure at Ugly's. I stayed on my skates and did not partake in the drinks -- okay by me, as I do not hold my alcohol very well. I did my best to sell every jello shot placed on my tray, as I felt responsible for the outcome of the evening since it was I who orchestrated the event with Ugly's owner, Cindy. It was particularly rewarding to see so many dollar bills going towards a team made up of a very hard-working group of senoritas. The bar certainly made a princely revenue as well.

Yours truly (right) with tyro Erin

[Sexy] Killer Baker worked her rear off selling jello shots

Everyone seemed to be having a merry time and although I was loathe to leave before seeing the last jello shot sold, after ten hours of work between two jobs followed another several hours on skates I was thoroughly knackered. A few unsettling shoulder rubs and grabs at my buttocks also hastened my departure.

Still, it was irrefutably worth it and good for my introverted ass to get out of the house for a few hours.

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