Thursday, May 21, 2009

New beginnings and growing legends

Taking a spin with neophyte Phoebe

How exciting it is to have so many new girls join our team and breathe new life into practices. They are an enthusiastic and plucky bunch who persevere despite frequent falls, labored breathing, cramps and brag-worthy bruises.

And it is so surreal to hear them lean over and whisper, "You're so good at this; I totally suck at it," in a mix of admiration and earnesty. For it seems like only yesterday that I struggled like them; tripping and falling all over the place and failing to keep up with the more experienced girls. I remember feeling frustrated and anxious over the pace of my progress, and wondered to myself if I'd ever be able to compete with the girls I admired most on the team; the girls who seemed so agile and made it all look so effortless.

Certainly, I am much improved now; quicker on my feet and more confident in my ability to strike and evade. I've jammed a few times and it is absolutely exhilerating -- I think I have found my athletic calling.

But I am quick to comfort the discouraged new girl; to pull her aside and confess that I, too, took some time to find my stride. That I truly was a "d. zaster" on wheels before practice and hardwork made my ascendancy as a player much more prominent.

Because they may have been a girl who was a natural at roller derby, but it sure wasn't me.

And I'm okay with that.


  1. Triple D!!!
    I think you have done fantastic...coming from another not even clse to a natural! You had something special in you from the very start! Proud to call you my friend!
    I am so proud of all the new gals! The first few months are so tough! Just gotta roll with the "bruises"...We are so lucky to have such a great group of gals!

  2. That's so kind of you to say; I'm flattered.

    You're not so bad yourself, Sugar. I hope to one day block as efficiently as you do. ;)

    I'm also very glad to have the new girls on board and added to our already special group of ladies.